Our recruitment process

We are committed to providing a fair and transparent recruitment process.  

You can expect the following:

1.    Online application

We accept applications via our online application form. This involves the submission of a resume and cover letter. Graduate and vacation applications will also require the submission of an academic transcript.

2.    Short listing of applications

Our recruitment team will assess your capability and experience against the requirements of the role. We will contact you via email informing you of the outcome of your application and if your application is to progress through to the next stage of the recruitment process.

3.    Brief phone Interview

In some instances we may contact you for a brief phone interview to assess communication skills, motivational fit and availability for the role.

4.    Situational Safety Assessment (SSA)

Some candidates will be invited to complete an online safety assessment. The SSA has been developed by qualified psychologists and aims to identify an individual’s safety competency by measuring their ability to see, understand and predict the risks around them.

5.    First round of interviews

Our recruitment team, in conjunction with the hiring manager, will determine the candidates to progress through to the interview stage of the process. Depending on your location, this could be in the form of a face-to-face interview or telephone/video conference. Typically the interview will be behavioural based.

6.    Site interview

Site interviews are held at the specific site you’ve applied to or Group Office in Melbourne. Typically site interviews involve a formal interview with a human resources team member and hiring manager, a detailed site tour and a chance to meet with your future team. If travelling to one of our sites, we will arrange and pay for any travel and accommodation costs incurred during your visit.

7.    Pre-employment medical assessment

If you are successful at the site interview stage, you will be invited to complete a pre-employment medical assessment to determine if you are physically fit to meet the requirements of the role. An appointment will be arranged that is convenient for you. The assessment will cover a general physical examination, a physiotherapy assessment, and drug and alcohol testing.

Please note we maintain a zero drug and alcohol policy at all of our sites.  While employed, you will be subject to breath testing for alcohol and drug testing.

8.    Reference checks

Our recruitment team will request the details of two professional referees. These must be people who you either currently report to or have reported to in the past.

9.    Offer

Upon successful completion of the recruitment process you may receive a verbal offer for the position you applied for. This verbal offer is a formal offer of employment and a hard copy document will accompany this offer once the verbal offer is accepted.

10.    On boarding

Once the recruitment team receives your verbal acceptance, your on boarding process will commence. This may include relocation, organisation of flights to and from site and the purchase of uniform or equipment. Site human resource teams will be in touch to discuss your on boarding at a mutually convenient time.

During the recruitment process you will be contacted by the recruitment team via email and/or phone.  When applying please ensure you have included all of your current contact details and verified that they are correct.  We will endeavor to keep you informed of the progress of your application throughout the process. We appreciate your patience.