Rosebery is an underground polymetallic base metal mine located in the township of Rosebery on Tasmania’s picturesque West Coast. It is in close proximity to Strahan and a couple of hours drive from Burnie and Devonport.

Surrounded by an amazing landscape, Rosebery offers exceptional outdoor experiences with fishing, canoeing, white water rafting, rock climbing and walking at your doorstep. The town offers a safe, family-friendly environment.

Stitt Falls, Rosebery
Rosebery is residential site where most employees work a 5-days-on, 2-days-off roster and live in housing that has subsidised rental and utilities provided by MMG. Mill and mine operational employees work a 5-days-on, 2-days-off roster or 4-days-on/4-days-off roster, night, day or continuous shift.

Main Street, Rosebery
Rosebery offers a wellness program to promote improved wellbeing, fitness and nutrition among our workforce. This is part of our commitment to providing a safe place of work, and to help ensure that all employees and contractors are ‘fit for work'.  The initiative encompasses aspects such as fitness, on-site gym facilities, dietary advice, stress management and community exercise sessions.

On-site gym, Rosebery mine

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Rosebery township

Rosebery Child Care Centre 


Rosebery Golf Course


Rosebery football oval


Rosebery Community Health Centre


Rosebery District High School



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