Helicopter survey to test Avebury mineral potential

01 Dec 2010 12:00 AMMedia Release

MMG is hoping that an airborne geophysical survey scheduled for early December will reveal the potential extent of prospective mineralisation in the mineral leases surrounding the Avebury mine.

Geology Superintendent Todd McGilvray is part of a team undertaking exploration work in the region where they have an existing Mining Lease over the Avebury deposit and surrounding exploration Licenses.

The team is part of MMG which owns and operates a portfolio of world-class base metal mining operations, development projects and exploration fields across Australia, Asia and North America.

Mr McGilvray explained that helicopter surveys are just one component of a series of exploration activities being used to determine the mineral potential of the region.

“MMG has been conducting a number of geological studies within the Avebury Mining Lease and we hope to extend our investigation via this helicopter electromagnetic survey,” he said.

“The survey involves a helicopter flying over land with an electromagnetic loop slung beneath it, which induces a magnetic field in metal-rich rocks in the ground.”

“Indirectly, this response in the rocks can be mapped and possible deposits of base-metals can be identified and tested with more detailed surveys or drilling,“ said Mr McGilvray.

MMG uses the relatively new VTEM (Versatile Time Electromagnetic) survey technology which provides the ability to detect metal-bearing rocks up to 200 metres below the surface.

Mr McGilvray said that during the surveys, the local community can expect to see a helicopter flying in large loops over the communities of Zeehan and Trail Harbour.

“Although the helicopter and magnetic loop may be an unusual sight to see, it is common practice in mineral exploration throughout the country and around the world,” said Mr McGilvray.

“We want to advise community members that they can safely continue their activities on the ground below while the surveys take place as the helicopters fly at a safe height above.”

The magnetic field produced by the surveys is also too low to be noticed by any stock.

Mr McGilvray said that MMG had a strong commitment to the social and economic development of the areas in which it operates.

“As part of our activities at Rosebery, we seek to employ local contractors where possible and help local businesses grow,” he said. 

The activity will extend over a single day, cover some 100 square kilometres, and depending on weather will be conducted during the week of 6 December.

Letters advising of the survey are being delivered to resident mailboxes today.

The operating contractor will be Geotem.

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