Lawn Hill Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company

Lawn Hill and Riversleigh, two iconic pastoral properties with great meaning to the people of the Gulf, were acquired during the 1990s to enable development of Century.

A key provision of the Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) was that these pastoral properties would be joined to form the Lawn Hill Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company (LRHPHC). Ownership of these properties was also to be progressively transferred to the Traditional Owners of Country, the Waanyi people.

The formation of Lawn Hill and Riversleigh created a 539,000 hectare pastoral property – a property with  great potential for the Waanyi people and the region.

Today, the Waanyi people own 51% of the company with Century retaining the remaining 49%.

The LHRPHC Board includes representatives of the Waanyi people and Century.


Pastoral training program 

In 2005, LHRPHC began a training program to give young Indigenous people the opportunity to gain formal qualifications in Agriculture. Today, trainees undertake a Certificate II in Agriculture through Outstation North.

Each year, the company selects at-risk Waanyi youth interested in a career in the pastoral industry to participate in the two week course. The trainees live and work at Riversleigh Station with the program is structured to provide a supportive, learning-focused environment.

Over the years, trainees have ranged from 14 to 25 years of age. More than 80 young people have graduated from the program since 2002.


Riversleigh Open Day

Each year, LHRPHC holds an open day at Riversleigh Station – giving families, friends and other stakeholders the opportunity to watch pastoral trainees showcase their horsemanship skills and learn more about LHRPHC’s activities.

The 12th annual Riversleigh Open Day.