In 2015, after 16 years of production, the mining and processing of Century ore ended.

Whilst MMG Century will continue to engage with stakeholders throughout the Gulf, most of our activities have concluded  due to the end of our operational life.

One of those activities is Century’s sponsorship program.

Even before production started in 1999, and up to the end of production in 2015, Century invested significantly in health, educational, sporting, cultural and artistic initiatives in the Burke, Doomadgee, Mornington and Carpentaria Shires. We are pleased that Century’s social investment has contributed to the efforts of so many non-profit organisations in benefiting their communities.

The last year of production (2015) illustrates the wide range of organisations in the Lower Gulf that benefited from Century sponsorships. Click the table to enlarge:

Even though the sponsorship program has ended, Century continues to work with stakeholders in the Lower Gulf on sustainable legacy projects that sit outside the sponsorship program.

For more information about Century’s closure planning, email centurycsp@mmg.com or Freecall 1800 098 721.

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