Beef and mining combine for trainees success at Riversleigh

03 Oct 2014 09:00 AMLocal News

A partnership between the beef and mining industries has seen indigenous trainees from the Lower Gulf secure ongoing employment on Lawn Hill Station after successfully completing Certificates in Beef Production.

Barwoo Evans, Gerald Aplin, Shane O’Keefe and Traevon Thompson will use their Certificates in Beef Production received at the recent Riversleigh Open Day to take up full time work with the Lawn Hill Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company (LHRPHC), based in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The company, which is 51 percent owned by the local Waanyi Traditional Owners and 49 percent owned by MMG Century, the operator of nearby Century Mine, has a long history of beef production traineeships.

General Manager of LHRPHC, Craig Young, says the certificates are attained in the early stages of learning in the pastoral industry.

"These young men now have qualifications that are recognised in the pastoral industry across Australia, so the door of opportunity has been opened for them," says Mr Young.

"We find that the qualification help trainees gain confidence in themselves, learn to work as team, learn to respect their co-workers and practice basic life skills."

Employment at Lawn Hill Riversleigh comes with strict conditions, as everyone from the General Manger through to the newest trainee must pass medical and drug tests before employment can commence.

"The bar is set to meet the industry standard, as it’s vital that we meet acceptable workplace health and safety rules that are applied in similar workplaces," says Mr Young.

Craig Young says that training at Lawn Hill Riversleigh is carried out in a ‘live’ environment, with Registered Training Organisation Outstation North providing personnel and, where necessary, specialised equipment.

"Damien Curr and Bridget Adams have a respected team with many years of experience in the pastoral industry, so it’s good that our trainees learn from people with proven credibility."

General Manager of MMG’s Queensland Operations, Mark Adams, says Century Mine encourages rural traineeships for Lower Gulf indigenous people as it continues a tradition of Aboriginal people working in the beef industry.

"We want to help build a diverse workforce across the Lower Gulf, and  to reduce dependence on the mining industry as a source of jobs," says Mr Adams.

"We are in the fortunate position to work with the beef industry to build capacity and skills amongst young people in a region where jobs can be hard to find."

Lawn Hill Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company will continue to recruit trainees from the Lower Gulf who show a strong desire to work in beef production.

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(L-R) Peter Jupiter, Traevon Thompson, Barwoo Evans, Craig Young, Shane O’Keefe and Gerald Aplin at the Riversleigh Open Day

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