MMG visits Mornington Island community

09 Oct 2014 09:00 AMLocal News

People on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria will be seeing more of Meg Frisby from MMG’s Century Mine. Meg was on Mornington Island recently as part of Century’s commitment to engage face-to-face with its neighbours in the Gulf, and she’ll be making regular visits in future.

Meg is part of Century’s Community and Stakeholder Partnerships team, and is a good person for community members to take to if they have questions or comments about the 1997 Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) or anything to do with Century.

Meg caught up with several Mornington Island locals during her recent visit. Amongst other things, she spoke to community members about the end of Century’s open-pit production in 2015 and possible opportunities in the future.

Meg can be contacted by emailing or calling freecall 1800 098 721.

The Roughsey Family catching up with Meg Frisby from MMG Century Mine.