Sharing the Road Safely

13 Nov 2014 03:30 PMLocal News

MMG Century Trucking Program

November & December 2014 – Lawn Hill to Townsville

MMG’s Queensland Operations have an operational requirement to transport metal concentrate by road. Some trucking programs are long term whilst others may only be required for short periods.

So that all road users can share the road safely, the following risk mitigation measures are put in place for MMG trucking programs.

  • Speed limit of 50km per hour in built-up areas.
  • Transport of metal concentrate in sealed half-height containers.
  • GPS tracking for trucks, as well as satellite phones for drivers.
  • Two-way radio communication on UHF Channel 40.
  • Emergency response crews who will respond to any incidents.
  • Fatigue management training and requirements for drivers.
  • No trucks on the road in the recognised high fatigue time between midnight and 5am.

For more information about any of MMG’s trucking programs in Queensland, please call the Community and Stakeholder Partnerships Department on 1800 098 721 or email