Education is broadly acknowledged as one of the most powerful community development tools.


Students from a local primary school.


To provide children with a quality education, you need more than just a building.

This is why, in addition to funding the construction of five primary schools since 2008, Kinsevere supports initiatives that build community support for education, increase teacher engagement and provide learning resources. It all helps local authorities and civil society to provide child-friendly schools.

Recent initiatives include:

  • Construction of a fifth primary school and maintenance to other education facilities in the area;
  • Annual scholarships for 200 students;
  • Funding the salaries of 60 teachers in nearby schools;
  • Specific initiatives to increase attendance by girls and raise awareness of the importance of education; and
  • Funding a daily meal for students to aid concentration and learning.


Kinsevere Village School. Kinsevere mine has funded the construction of five nearby schools since 2008.

Find out more about the importance of child-friendly schools and why education is one of the keys to development from UNICEF.


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