Community health

Living close to a mining operation can pose many questions for community members. Rosebery is located in a highly mineralised area which is why the Rosebery mine, and many others, exist in this region of Tasmania.  

It is important for local community members to remain informed so we have provided some information below regarding protecting your health.

We encourage overall health and wellbeing for our employees, contractors and community, and support a number of programs in the community.


Exposure to lead

It is well documented that exposure to lead can pose health risks and at Rosebery we have developed a plan to manage the known risks to employees and community members.

This plan includes programs to raise awareness of the risks associated with lead exposure and responses to control exposure for both our employees and community members. For example, our workforce is trained in the hygiene aspects of working with lead, including the use of protective personal equipment such as gloves, disposable overalls and washing your hands before eating.

We have developed in consultation with the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services, a brochure on ‘living with contaminated soil’ in a community, again focusing on good hygiene practices in the home.

MMG has dust mitigation procedures in place to minimise the release of dust from the operations, including water suppression and containment of concentrates within an enclosed location.

Rosebery offers free blood lead level testing to employees, contractors and the community to ensure that levels are monitored.

The MMG Community Liaison Office in Agnes Street, Rosebery has information available on managing exposure to lead.


Schools fruit program

Rosebery provides each child attending the two local schools and childcare centre with a piece of fresh fruit each day for every student. This program is part of an initiative to introduce good nutrition into the community from an early age.

St Joseph's School Rosebery student Michael delivers fruit to his class


Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Rosebery undertakes a number of sponsorships to promote a healthy lifestyle. We sponsor community sporting clubs including the local football club (AFL), golf clubs (Rosebery and Zeehan), the Burnie Rugby Club and AFL Masters. Our staff provide assistance for employees and their partners to undertake a personal training programs, and we sponsor a men's health forum and women's health day activities.

Rosebery football oval
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