Sponsorships and partnerships program


Rosebery recognises that supporting the communities in which we operate is critical to achieving our vision of becoming a great resource company. As part of this commitment, one of our sustainability objectives is to ensure that these communities receive real benefit from our operations.

We are committed to being a next generation minerals and metals mining company, a responsible business underpinned by strong values and a belief that ‘we mine for progress’ – our progress, our stakeholder’s progress, and broader society’s progress, through sharing the benefits of our operations and investment in the sustainable future of the communities in which we operate.

One way we do this is through the MMG Sponsorship Program.  The program provides assistance to community groups and organisations contributing to the social, educational, economic and cultural development of the local area in which we operate.


How we assess applications

Sponsorship applications will be assessed on a variety of criteria, including who will benefit from the event or activity and whether the event or activity demonstrates our values.

Applications for sponsorship are assessed by a panel. Please allow at least six weeks for your application to be assessed. We aim to advise applicants of the outcome of their application within two weeks of assessing the application.

Applications will only be considered once the sponsorship application and all supporting information has been received.

Events and activities that we will not sponsor:

  • Events and activities that do not reflect our vision, values or beliefs
  • Do not have clear benefits for MMG or our key stakeholders
  • Are political in nature
  • Are religious in nature
  • Are profit-motivated
  • Benefit an individual or small number of people
  • Will associate MMG with groups or activities with potential to harm our reputation
  • May cause conflict with other key stakeholders
  • May risk infringement of our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Standard and/or Code of Conduct

To apply, please send your completed Sponsorship Application form to ROSCommunity@mmg.com.

For further information visit the MMG Community Liaison Office on Agnes Street, Rosebery.

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