Living close to a mining operation and its associated facilities can pose many questions for community members.

It is important to remain informed so we have provided some information below regarding the health programs supported by Sepon.

Mother and child health in Vilabouly District

Sepon and the Macfarlane Burnet Institute, in cooperation with Vilabouly District’s Department of Health, have re-established activities related to mother and child health, following a project that was implemented during 2008 to 2011.  That project improved the health status of mothers and children, built the knowledge and skills of healthcare personnel, and improved the nutritional status of infants and children. A new project (which will start in 2014) is now being designed.

This project will complement the ‘1000 Day Project’.

Annual health check for full-time employees

Approximately half of all site-based employees come from Vilabouly District where the mine is based. All full-time employees are entitled to an annual health check, which is provided at the on-site clinic. Employees are also able to use the clinic for routine medical care. Employees in Vientiane and Savannakhet undertake annual check-ups in their respective cities.

Infrastructure and equipment

The Sepon Development Trust Fund provides US$750,000 a year to fund infrastructure development and capacity building throughout Vilabouly District.  Health-related expenditure made under the fund has included new hospital buildings, medical equipment and an ambulance. As at 2013, the fund has disbursed more than US$4.25 million since mining operations started in 2003.


All permanent staff are entitled to a free annual health check.
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