Future plans

High-resolution airborne electromagnetic and ground gravity surveys have provided a breakthrough in interpretation of the geology of Sepon and generated a whole array of new targets for both oxide and primary
copper and gold.

Copper expansion and exploration

Drilling programs for oxide copper returned encouraging results in 2012 at Thengkham Northeast Extension and confirmed previous results at Songkham West.

Gold expansion and exploration

Exploration for oxide gold assumed greater importance in the second half 2012 in response to both short and long-term production targets, with new resources inferred at Namkok East, Phavat Main and Thengkham North. 

Preparatory work to evaluate the potential for processing primary gold is currently being undertaken.

Primary gold programs with encouraging drill results include Namkok East, Phavat Main, Theva/Tamseua and the discovery of a strata-bound mineralised zone at Luang.

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