Medusa makes water mark at MMG

15 Dec 2014 09:00 AMLocal News

A Lao dewatering team at MMG LXML Sepon has engineered an home-made solution to speed up water flow.

Nicknamed ‘Medusa’ after the mythical Greek monster who had snakes as hair, this innovation has significantly reduced the time and effort involved in dewatering at Sepon.

The team previously used a small pump to start 15 siphons. This took 30 minutes per siphon, and meant several hours were required to complete the task.

Medusa links water flow through pump and an array of pipes in a single continuous flow. With Medusa, the team can start all syphons and get the water flowing in less than 15 minutes.

The environment and dewatering teams are very satisfied with this time- and energy-saving solution.

Congratulations to Bounpheng Sengvilay, Supervisor Dewatering, and Somphone Heangmanikinqkeo, Supervisor Dewatering, supported by Mark Hanna, Senior Technical Advisor, Hydro Operations, for the concept, design and implementation of this excellent initiative!

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