Further information on Sepon are available in the following publications. All publications including factsheets and newsletters are available in both English and Lao.

Latest publications:

  • Sepon Factsheet 2017 (Eng) (Lao)
  • MMG – UNICEF 1000 Day Project (Eng) (Lao)
  • Voices of Vilabouly – snapshot of development projects (Eng) (Lao)
  • Cartoon on the dangers of mine site (Eng) (Lao)

Sepon newsletter:

  • Sepon Mine Today, May 2017 (Eng) (Lao)
  • Sepon Mine Today, October 2016 (Eng) (Lao)
  • Sepon Mine Today, March 2016 (Eng) (Lao)
  • Sepon Mine Today, September 2015 (Eng) (Lao)
  • Sepon Mine Today, March 2015 (Eng) (Lao)
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