Gulf Communities Agreement 15 Year Review

In 2012, the Century Liaison Advisory Committee (CLAC) commenced the 15 Year Review of the Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA), a unique Native Title Agreement between four Native Title groups, the Queensland Government and Century.

The CLAC’s first step was to commission the University of Queensland’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) to conduct community consultation and data collection for the review.

The CLAC has since engaged CSRM to undertake a second and final stage of the review. This stage involves assessing the data and making recommendations about how all parties to the GCA can partner to ensure a positive, sustainable legacy from Century open pit production.

A second stage was required due to the volume of data collected and the importance of the study. Members of the CLAC reviewed the draft GCA Review in November. Once the document is finalised, CLAC members are expected to visit Lower Gulf communities to outline findings and key actions from the report. 

Separate to the GCA Review, MMG also commissioned CSRM to undertake a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) to help the company to better understand its socio-economic impact of Century open pit production since mine development. The SIA is to also to consider the socio-economic impacts of the end of Century open pit production on the region.

The SIA has taken longer than expected to complete and is expected to be finalised by the end of 2013.

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On 28 February MMG entered into agreements with Century Mine Rehabilitation Project Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Century Bull Pty Ltd (Century Bull), to effect the transfer of the former Century zinc mine.

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