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Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We recognise the impacts of human-induced climate change on the environment, economy and communities. We are committed to being a part of the global solution by taking appropriate actions that will reduce our emissions intensity and sourcing the key mineral and metals required to help develop a low-carbon future.

MMG’s focus on energy efficiency will reduce our existing power requirements and minimise our greenhouse gas emissions footprint. Renewable energy (hydropower) is the main source of our purchased electricity at Las Bambas, Kinsevere and Rosebery. This has a positive impact on our greenhouse gas emissions profile. Our Kinsevere and Las Bambas operations are also working to support extensive reafforestation of our neighbouring lands, which will deliver more carbon abatement outcomes now and into the future.

We report our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Australian government’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and our materiality-based sustainability reporting processes.

For more information about our approach to climate change and environmental data, refer to our Annual Reports.