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“所屬礦山在繼續嚴格執行新冠疫情防控措施的同時生產運營保持穩定,”MMG行政總裁高曉宇說。“秘魯Las Bambas礦山的平均勞動力水平約達到正常水平的90%。非洲及澳大利亞的礦山繼續執行有效的健康與安全措施,產出基本未受影響。

他說,“總銅產量較第一季度上升21%,原因是Las Bambas的採礦產能有所改善,品位較高,而Kinsevere 的選礦廠表現穩定。”

Las Bambas於第二季度生產了 80,241噸銅精礦含銅,較上一季度增加25%、較去年同期增加37%,彼時生產受到新冠病毒疫情爆發的影響。採礦量較上一季度增加11%,乃由於勞動力上升及設備生產效率有所改善。鉬產量較第一季度增加40%至1,570噸。

面對秘魯「第三波」新冠疫情,公司繼續向地方社區提供健康支援,並與之協作以保障道路暢通。公路及鐵路運力可用程度較高,季內Las Bambas礦山精礦庫存因而得以降低至接近正常水平。

本公司早前曾預計,在2019年初次提交申請後,或將於今年上半年獲得開發Las Bambas的Chalcobamba礦坑的當局批准。然而,由於社區諮詢耗時冗長和行政上的延誤,以及受二零二一年國家選舉複雜因素影響,導致所需許可的審批有所延遲。


“總鋅產量較上一季度小幅減少,乃由於向Dugald River提供的膏體充填材料供應量減少,以及按計劃進行維修停產所致。”高曉宇說。第二季度Dugald River生產了鋅40,027 噸,較第一季度下跌18%。

第二季度Rosebery生產了鋅18,110 噸,按鋅等值基準計量,總產量大約為43,641 噸,較第一季度高出6%,主要由於選礦處理量增加以及副產品的貢獻增加。

“展望未來,我們的工作重點將是維持穩定生產以及達成短期增長目標,如Las Bambas發展計劃和Kinsevere下一階段開發。”高曉宇補充到。

鑒於獲得Chalcobamba許可的不確定性持續存在,Las Bambas2021年銅產量目前預計將處於之前310,000噸至330,000噸指導範圍的低位。其他礦山的生產指導保持不變。在持續專注於成本控制措施下,RoseberyC1成本指導下降,其他礦山C1成本指導保持不變。

請在此下載 MMG 二零二一年第二季度生產報告全文

2021 Second Quarter Production

MMG Limited (MMG) today released its second quarter 2021 production report, producing 93,308 tonnes of copper and 58,137 tonnes of zinc in the three months to 30 June.

“Stable production was maintained across all sites while maintaining strict Covid-19 protocols,” said Geoffrey Gao, MMG CEO. “Effective health and safety measures saw largely uninterrupted output at MMG operations in Africa and Australia, with Las Bambas in Peru achieving around 90 per cent of normal workforce availability.

“Total copper production was 21 per cent higher than the first quarter with improved mining productivity and higher grades at Las Bambas and stable plant performance at Kinsevere,” he said.

Las Bambas produced 80,241 tonnes of copper in copper concentrate during the second quarter, an increase of 25 per cent on the prior quarter. This was a 37 per cent increase on the corresponding first quarter 2020 which was impacted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Higher workforce availability and improved equipment productivity pushed mining volumes up 11 per cent from the previous quarter. Molybdenum production increased by 40 per cent to 1,570 tonnes.

In the face of Peru’s third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, MMG continued to deliver health and wellbeing support to regional communities while working collaboratively to maintain land and road access. Road and rail availability was high in the June quarter allowing Las Bambas to reduce finished stock at the mine site to near normal levels.

MMG had anticipated regulatory approval for the development of the Chalcobamba pit following submission of the original application in February 2019. However, a combination of lengthy community consultation and administrative delays – as well as complications associated with the 2021 national elections – has delayed approvals.

Kinsevere produced 12,632 tonnes of copper cathode in line with the first quarter of 2021, due to the planned lower grade feed to the mill from existing ore stockpiles and third parties. Processing plant performance was strong, with throughput up 13 per cent on the first quarter.

“Total zinc production was down slightly on the prior quarter due to issues with paste-fill delivery at Dugald River and scheduled maintenance,” said Geoffrey Gao. As a result, Dugald River produced 40,027 tonnes of zinc for the second quarter, 18 per cent below the first quarter.

Rosebery produced 18,110 tonnes of zinc for the quarter. On a zinc equivalent basis, total production was around 43,641 tonnes, six per cent above the first quarter, mainly due to higher mill throughput and an increased contribution from by-products.

“Looking ahead, our focus is the delivery of stable production and near-term growth opportunities including the Las Bambas development plan and the next phase of life for Kinsevere,” added Geoffrey Gao.

As a result of the ongoing uncertainty around Chalcobamba approvals, 2021 copper production at Las Bambas is now expected to be at the low end of the previous guidance range of 310,000 to 330,000 tonnes. Production guidance is maintained for all other sites. C1 cost guidance is reduced at Rosebery and maintained at all other sites with an ongoing focus on cost control measures.

Please download a full copy of the MMG 2021 Second Quarter Production Report here.