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Future proofing Rosebery Mine

MMG Rosebery has today outlined new investment plans to extend the extraordinary 85 year contribution of the mine for the benefit of a new generation of Tasmanians.

Thanks to growing confidence in extending underground resources the mine is planning for an extended life and the protection of 500 regional jobs.

“This is an exciting time for MMG, its employees, contractors and local community,” says Rosebery Mine General Manager, Rob Walker. “It demonstrates our commitment to keeping local people employed, and continuing our significant contribution to the Rosebery community and the greater region.”

“In March, the mine will celebrate 85 years of continuous operation and this is no small feat. Rosebery has a unique legacy in supplying high quality zinc concentrates and other precious metals to Tasmania and the world,” Mr Walker says. “The identification of more ore, means a longer mine life, and the ability to build on Rosebery’s legacy well into the future.”

With an underground mine stretching more than 6km, significant mineral processing facilities, rail transfer, loading and support infrastructure, Rosebery represents a substantial investment.

However, that infrastructure is reaching the limit of its capacity and operating life, most immediately in terms of the mine’s ability to store tailings – the waste material generated from mineral processing. To ensure mining of additional ore bodies can go ahead, Rosebery Mine must first establish a new tailings storage facility.

Over coming months, Rosebery will continue investigations, permitting and planning to develop the mine, and extend storage capacity at their existing facilities – the 2/5 Tailings Storage Facility and the Bobadil Tailings Storage Facility.

“These facilities are almost at capacity and the extensions and changes to management and deposition will only provide an interim measure”, Mr Walker says. “To maintain Rosebery Mine jobs and the local economy and to provide the storage capacity to invest in Rosebery’s next stage of growth, we will need to construct a new tailings storage facility.”

Several locations have been considered for the site of a new tailings storage facility. The facilities need to be close to current operations to avoid significant disturbance; geologically stable and suitable for long term storage; and above all: safe – for people and for the environment.

Field studies and consultations will commence shortly to further prove up potential locations and ensure the safest and best outcome is reached.

“We are working closely with all the necessary regulatory bodies as we map the future of the mine’, Rob said. “We commit to engage with all our stakeholders to ensure they are kept well informed of developments so we can make the best decision for the future of the Rosebery community. “The construction of a new tailings storage facility will give Rosebery Mine potential to operate for another 40 years.”

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