Industry Associations

MMG is a proud member of a number of business and resource industry organisations.

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DRC Chamber of Mines

The Chamber of Mines is a structure created within the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC), to support the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Chamber of Mines represents most of the largest miners in the country and actively contributes to constructive discussions regarding the sustainable development of DRC’s mining sector in consultation with the Government and civil society groups.

International Council of Mining and Metals

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) was established in 2001 to strengthen environmental and social performance and act as a catalyst for improvement. Today, the ICMM brings together 28 of the world’s largest mining and metals companies as well as 35 national and regional mining associations and global commodity associations. MMG has been a member since 2009 and adheres to ICMM’s Mining Principles, which incorporate comprehensive environmental, social and governance requirements, robust site-level validation of performance expectations and credible assurance of corporate sustainability reports with annual disclosure.

International Zinc Association

The International Zinc Association (IZA) was founded in 1990 and is the only global industry association dedicated exclusively to the interests of zinc and its users. Operating internationally and locally through its regional affiliates, IZA helps sustain the long-term global demand for zinc and its markets by promoting such key end uses as corrosion protection for steel and the essentiality of zinc in human health and crop nutrition. The IZA supports sustainable development practices to drive long-term prosperity for the zinc industry while balancing sustainable use of zinc products.

The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights Initiative

The Voluntary Principles Initiative is composed of governments, key international non-governmental organizations, and companies in the industries of extracting, harvesting, developing natural resources, or energy. Together, members strengthen their capacity to address complex security and human rights issues in business operations around the world. MMG has been an engaged member since 2021.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) implements the global standard to promote the open and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources. In each of the 55 implementing countries, the EITI is supported by a coalition of government, companies, and civil society. MMG supports the implementation of the EITI Standard in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Peru.

Transparency International (Australia)

Transparency International Australia (TIA) is the national chapter of Transparency International, a global coalition against corruption operating in over 100 countries. TIA works collaboratively with businesses, government agencies and community groups to close the loopholes on corruption.

Queensland Resources Council

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) is a not-for-profit peak industry body representing the commercial developers of Queensland’s minerals and energy resources.

QRC works to secure an environment conducive to the long-term sustainability of minerals and energy sectors in Queensland.

Tasmanian Minerals Council

The Tasmanian Minerals Council is the representative organisation for the exploration, mining and mineral processing industries in Tasmania. The Council counts among its members all of the main mines and mineral processing operations and a range of companies and individuals who provide goods and services to the Tasmanian minerals industry.