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Environmental Management

MMG is committed to minimising our environmental footprint and use of natural resources. Our approach to environmental management is based on the principles of ISO14001:2016 and ISO31000:2009. It involves identifying and controlling material environmental risk events across all phases of our business from exploration through to development, operation and closure, and ongoing review of control effectiveness.

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Tailings Storage Facilities

MMG manages Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) and Water Storage Dams as a material risk. Our TSF management processes are governed by an element in our Fatal Risk Standard which identifies the mandatory requirements to ensure the protection of life. This Standard identifies Critical Controls for the design, inspection, operations, maintenance, change and emergency response risks of dams, all of which are in line with the Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD) requirements and meet or exceed the legal requirements of the relevant jurisdiction in which we operate.

MMG applies critical risk design and execution requirements that are based on a risk assessment process which is reviewed annually by a risk control owner. These aspects focus on operating and non-operating TSFs. The risk management and control execution measures are subject to internal, external and independent audit.

There has been increased scrutiny of the integrity of TSFs from both within and external to industry. Recent failures of large upstream constructed dams have been the primary driver for this concern. The majority of MMG’s TSFs including Las Bambas are engineered rock and earth fill structures constructed using downstream construction methods.

In December 2016, the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) issued a position statement on preventing catastrophic failure of TSFs. MMG’s approach to the governance of TSFs fully aligns to this framework, including the use of an Independent Dam Review Committee and Engineer of Record at each of our TSFs.

At MMG we work towards continually improving our operations to further refine and strengthen our TSF controls, benchmarking them with the input from the dam safety committee reviews and annual performance audits as defined by ANCOLD.

Over the last year, we have introduced remote survey boats at all our operations to assist in obtaining better quality performance data, in addition to our existing visual inspection regimes. We are also well progressed on our Emergency Management and Response Plans for all TSFs.

Download MMG Tailings Disclosure Table