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Human Rights

We recognise that human rights cover a broad range of interrelated issues, requiring an integrated approach across numerous business functions. At MMG, our Human Resources, Supply, Social Performance, Stakeholder Relations, Security, Geoscience and Discovery and Project Development functions have specific responsibilities for upholding our commitment to human rights.

Our approach to managing human rights risk is embedded into our broader risk management framework.

We integrate human rights considerations into our Code of Conduct, employment processes, risk-analysis activities and formal grievance processes. We ensure our stakeholders are confident to report instances of unacceptable conduct without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

MMG is committed to respecting the human rights in the communities in which we live and operate, and to providing access to an effective remedy where we make an impact.

We operate in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the United National Global Compact principles.

We commit to respecting human rights as outlined in the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework.

This commitment has been strengthened through the development of joint industry and civil society guidance on key issues such as FPIC and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and with the recent release of a set of performance expectations. We also participate in ICMM convened member discussions and peer learning on a wide range of business and human rights issues, including the role of business with regards to civic freedoms and human rights defenders.

Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

We operate in accordance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) as well as the rules of engagement and the United Nations Basic Principles on the use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials.

Since 2016, we have standardised our security management plans, and these plans reference the VPSHR in relation to the deployment and conduct of public and private security.

We also ensure public security forces that support our sites are adequately trained in the use and application of the VPSHR. To strengthen our alignment, we have applied to become a participant of the VPSHR initiative.

From our experience, we are aware that many issues that can become security incidents have roots in community concerns that have built up over time. Often these issues are well-understood by our social performance teams, who are working on strategies to resolve these issues before they become security incidents.

In 2018, we took the opportunity to bring our security and social performance teams together to develop strategies around proactive risk identification and mitigation, grievance management and incident identification processes. We also took this opportunity to review our human rights exposures and potential risks.

From this forum, we were able to develop a range of improvements and actions to take forward across our business, which will help us to improve our approach to social and security issues and assist us in refining our group level approach.