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Protecting the future of Rosebery

After 85 years of continuous operation, MMG Rosebery will today begin investigations to extend the life of the mine, and support Tasmania’s West Coast community for many decades to come.

We are at the early stages of identifying options to expand our tailings storage and we welcome the opportunity to commence approved baseline geotechnical and environmental investigations. This includes works to secure safe access to MMG’s mining lease.

We acknowledge the right to peaceful protest and for people to express their opinions; we also want to find the best outcome for the Rosebery township and are keen to work with stakeholders. We are seeking the opportunity to complete the preliminary investigations to select the best location for future tailings storage. MMG intends to evaluate all potential site options and prepare appropriate plans to submit for full environment approval.

MMG must find a new site for a tailings storage facility as existing facilities currently supporting Rosebery Mine are nearing capacity. To date, several locations have been considered for a new site, however, further field studies and baseline investigations are required to prove options.

Failure to complete these investigations will stop the safe storage of tailings and risk ramping down operations and closing the mine within coming years.

Rosebery Mine has had an integral presence in the makeup of the West Coast region for the past 85 years, and MMG is committed to continuing that legacy, and supporting the local community.

We are confident for the extended future of the mine, with the identification of more ore meaning a longer mine life, the protection of 500 regional jobs, and a significant economic contribution to the local community and state.

At this stage our intent is to gain more information and a better understanding of the environmental, social and geological impacts of potential site locations. The investigations we conduct will inform the future path and longevity of the mine.

Rosebery uses a mechanised underground mining method followed by crushing, grinding and floatation processes. Concentrates are transported by rail to the Port of Burnie for shipment in bulk carriers to smelters in Hobart and Port Pirie, while gold doré bars are sent to a refinery in Western Australia.


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