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Safety first

MMG Rosebery has to date only conducted preliminary assessments into the proposed site where protest action is taking place. The intent of our current investigation is to obtain further environmental and technical information to extensively assess the potential impacts on the proposed area. This is standard procedure within the state and federal environmental approval process, which will determine the suitability of this proposed site for tailings storage.

We respect the right to peaceful protest and we understand people may have concerns, hence, why we are conducting more investigations. Our no.1 concern is that we maintain the safety of everyone on site – for workers and protestors alike. We cannot stand by and allow unsafe or unlawful actions that put themselves and others at risk. We have real concerns for tactics that put people at risk.

MMG has no role in dealing with or removing protestors – that is the responsibility of Police. We thank Tasmania Police for their support thus far to maintain safety at the site. Our personnel on site adhere to strict safety guidelines and work closely with Police to ensure we are maintaining our duty of care, even providing shelter and drink to protesters where possible.

At the end of the day, we want to find the safest and most balanced solution for Rosebery that will provide the region with longevity and protect the 500 jobs the mine maintains.


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