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Use of wildlife ‘traps’ on MMG lease

On the 10th and 17th of June 2021 while conducting surveillance through our mining lease, MMG representatives came across ‘meat traps’ and cameras.

The meat traps consisted of either pademelon hind legs and/or sachets of cat food strung from trees in proximity to the camera.

The MMG representatives proceeded to take photos of the traps and removed the cameras and baits and notified Police.

The pademelon leg baits and cat food sachet were safely disposed of, and the cameras were taken into Rosebery Police Station on 17th of June and reported as found property on our mining lease. One of the cameras had BBF marked in black ink on the back the other camera had BBF18 marked on the back in black ink.

MMG has advised authorities that this is not acceptable methodology to identify wildlife observations within an area and expressed our concerns regarding trespass and safety in the access and construction of wildlife traps on the lease.

MMG confirms that it is not received any information from, nor granted permission to, the Bob Brown Foundation for the use of traps.

The presence of native wildlife in and around the MMG lease area has been independently monitored and assessed. Additional research and protections will form part of the approvals process, using accepted methodologies and under appropriate permits.

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