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Improving education outcomes by addressing vision loss

32 teachers and school administrators can now see better due to a partnership between MMG and the Waza Alliance for Quality Education (Waza Alliance).

Vision screening

Throughout June, MMG supported the Waza Alliance to conduct vision screenings on 61 teachers and administrators at primary schools near Kinsevere.

Vision loss can affect a teacher’s ability to engage with and support students to build literacy and numeracy skills.

Following the examinations, glasses were provided free-of-charge to 32 teachers and school administrators.

At Sela Village primary school, recipients of the glasses thanked MMG and the Waza Alliance for investing in the initiative.

In addition to coordinating the consultations, MMG contributed more than $3000 towards the cost of the glasses and other expenses.

To encourage teacher engagement and improve learning outcomes, MMG also worked with the Waza Alliance and local education authorities to conduct teacher training at target schools.


Resources distributed by MMG during teacher training sessions

The Waza Alliance is a US-based non-government organisation which aims to improve the lives of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through quality education.

MMG’s support for this initiative is part of its program of initiatives and activities to improve education outcomes in areas around Kinsevere.