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MMG LXML Sepon Achieves Strong Production in 2015

MMG LXML Sepon (Sepon) released its fourth quarter 2015 production results today, reporting above guidance copper cathode production for the year to date and record milling tonnes.

Sepon produced 20,559 tonnes of copper cathode in the fourth quarter contributing to full year production of 89,253, a 1% increase on 2014 production.

MMG LXML Sepon General Manager Suresh Vadnagra said the result demonstrates strong achievement despite challenges processing lower grade, more complex ore types.

“We continue to focus on improving performance through plant optimisation and asset utilisation to ensure we can offset the impact of harder, high carbonate ores on production,” he said.

“I would like to highlight the hard work by the Sepon team in delivering substantial improvements which have allowed us to produce above guidance of 80,000-87,000,” he added.

MMG expects to produce 80,000-85,000 tonnes of copper cathode in 2016.

Social development

LXML has contributed significantly to economic development with over US$1.3 billion in direct revenue in taxes, royalties and dividends paid to the Lao Government since operations commenced at Sepon and hundreds of millions of dollars in indirect benefits through local contractors, employment, training and development.

MMG LXML Sepon is extending a unique partnership with the Lao Ministry of Health, the Lao Women’s Union and UNICEF in the ‘1000 Day Project’ to support maternal and child nutrition in key provinces including several districts in Savannakhet Province where the mine is located.

“MMG LXML Sepon is working in close partnership with all our stakeholders through targeted community development programs, and in education, training, and employment, to support the Lao PDR’s goal of graduating from Least Developed Country (LDC) status by 2020,” said Mr Vadnagra. “We are very proud of our contribution to development in the Lao PDR.”

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