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MMG agrees to EPBC deferral

MMG has agreed to an extension of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) referral decision over the South Marionoak site while the company continues to complete engineering and environmental baselines and assessment to support a new tailings storage site.

To date, activity at South Marionoak has been limited to upgrading existing access roads built to support historic logging operations across much of the area now under investigation. Drilling and geotechnical sampling will take place over the coming weeks.

These activities will require ongoing site access, consistent with the conditions of MMG’s existing approvals and mining lease.

We respect the right to peaceful protest and for people to express their opinions, however, our number one concern is that we maintain the safety of everyone on site – for workers and protestors alike.  We implore protesters not to engage in unsafe, and unlawful tactics that put workers and protesters at risk.

Our priority is to find the safest and most balanced solution that secures the future of the 85 year-old Rosebery mine and the future of 500 people and their families that it supports.

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