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Our response efforts to COVID-19

As business with global operations, we have been affected by the spread of coronavirus. Safety is one of our cornerstone values and in line with this, the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the local communities is always our first priority.

Across all global locations we have dedicated teams responsible for monitoring local impacts and advice from local authorities as well as our response. We have worked hard to implement additional safety, health, hygiene and social distancing controls to reduce the risk of transmission and to develop business continuity plans for all our operations. Our teams have also worked collaboratively with local communities to ensure they have sufficient resources available.

Our employees and contractors

To date there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our employees or contractors. This is good news and we are doing everything we can to ensure we keep it that way.

In addition to establishing protocols for self-isolation and reporting for any employee who has been tested for the virus, we are also implementing a range of safety measures to limit the chance of transmission at our sites. These measures include;

  • Pre-site arrival health checks and health and safety awareness conversations
  • Temperature and health screening
  • Maintaining social distancing of at least 1.5 meters while working, eating in the dining halls and travelling to site
  • Closure of places on site where people congregate and socialise, including site restaurants, cafes and entertainment spaces
  • More hygiene stations with handwash and hand sanitiser available
  • Clear communication on how to keep our people safe
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of work areas and buses
  • Sourcing more hygiene products and personal protective equipment (PPE).

For more information about specific safety, health and hygiene measures taken across MMG, visit here.

Our communities

Communities are an integral part of our business and their health and safety is critical, especially during these uncertain times. To date there has been no recorded case of COVID-19 in any of the communities near our operations.

We are working in close coordination with local communities and stakeholders at all operations, and are implementing initiatives to support local and national government efforts. We are working to manage any risks arising from workforce transportation (fly-in, fly-out and bus-in, bus-out) and are actively working with regional governments, communities and other stakeholders to ensure their concerns are included in our operations’ continuity plans.

In addition to ongoing dialogue with all communities, local and regional stakeholders, we have implemented a series of initiatives to support the rapid response and education of communities. This includes:

  • Additional funding and support for local and regional health directorates, including sourcing critical PPE, training and coordinating with the national government on their behalf (if required)
  • The communication of national public health advice in both official and indigenous languages through community radio stations, in flyers and posters
  • At Las Bambas in Peru, the donation of food and basic necessity packages to almost 6,000 families in the communities in the Apurimac region and communities along the national public road in the region of Cusco. Las Bambas has also repurposed a dust control unit to disinfect streets in nearby towns, in coordination with local authorities and approved by the Peruvian health authorities.
  • At our Kinsevere operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the operation is investing in the installation of public wash points and physical markers for social distancing and has begun public awareness campaigns in all nearby towns about COVID-19.

For information on how we are working with local stakeholders and communities in each of the regions where we are based, click here.

Our business continuity

We have implemented business continuity plans at each of our operations and for each of our regional offices.

All plans include the process for managing potential and confirmed cases, in addition to continuation of operations including workforce arrangements, supply considerations and mining.

MMG remains committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees, contractors and communities. Please contact us for additional information or with questions about our response to COVID-19 across the business.