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Read the GCA 15 Year Review

The historic Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) was signed in 1997. Is is a comprehensive Agreement about land use and benefit-sharing between four Native Title Groups (Waanyi, Mingginda, Gkuthaarn and Kukatj), the Mining Company developing Century Mine and the State of Queensland.

Every five (5) years the provisions of the GCA and the way it is being implemented have been reviewed. The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) has prepared the 15-year Review Report. It will be the last Review of the GCA before open cut zinc production at Century ends in mid-2015.

The Review is based on extensive studies conducted during 2012 by CSRM in relation to the Social Aspects of Century Mine Closure.

You can read the GCA Review Report which is published on the CSRM webpage.

Artwork: The CSRM is grateful to Waanyi-Ganggalida artist Pietta Aplin for permission to use a close up of part of her painting ‘Boodjamulla’ on the cover of this report, and for the permission given by the owner of the Doomadgee Roadhouse, Bob Grack.