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Robust environmental legislation gives confidence

MMG Rosebery acknowledges the Department of Water and Environment’s (DAWE) decision to revisit the assessment of preliminary works at South Marionoak.

In January, DAWE determined the works were a non-controlled action under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC).

Rosebery General Manager, Steve Scott, said MMG had confidence in the measures it had implemented to avoid impacts on threatened species, including the masked owl.

“MMG accepts that reviews and appeals are a function of the rigorous EPBC process,” Mr Scott said.

“The mine has already implemented significant safeguards, including mapping trees that could be suitable for masked owl habitat and imposing exclusion zones around them.

“Our current preliminary works at South Marionoak remain valid and will continue as per the original decision during this reconsideration period. We will hold ourselves up to the highest standards of compliance and accountability as we always have.

“It is important to remember that we are still in the assessment stage to determine the technical feasibility of building a new tailings storage facility at South Marionoak.

“There is a long and rigorous process to be followed, including multiple opportunities for the public to have their say, before a new facility can be built.”

Mr Scott said the Rosebery Mine would be forced to close in coming years without a new tailings storage facility to safely store residues from the mining process.

“We have conducted an exhaustive search for alternatives, including paste fill, which is not safe or suitable at Rosebery due to the age of the mine workings and insufficient capacity underground.

“Minerals from Rosebery, including zinc, copper and lead are essential in the transition to renewable energy technologies.

“We are committed to achieving a balanced outcome that contributes to a low-carbon future and protects the jobs of the 500 Tasmanians we employ.”


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