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Rosebery students learn about healthy eating

Rosebery school students recently learned how to prepare a healthy three course meal as part of Eat Well Tasmania’s ‘feast on this – Go for 2&5®’ healthy lunch competition. The competition aims to promote the consumption of two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables each day through the Go for 2&5® message.

The session saw students from Rosebery District High School and St Joseph’s Catholic School learn to prepare, cook and present dishes under the guidance of a surprise chef on 27 August.

The menu, which was devised by chef Tobee, has been submitted to Eat Well Tasmania who will determine the most creative menus that incorporate two fruits and five vegetables.

MMG Rosebery supported the activity by supplying the ingredients and bringing the chef from Melbourne to Rosebery.

The focus of the activity was to create a menu from the ingredients provided, in an attractive and healthy fashion.

A total of 13 students, from grade one to year ten, participated in preparation of the following menu:

Entrée – Pomegranate “Tabouleh”
Main – Lamb backstrap with beets, orange, apple and celery
Salad – Kale, spinach and pistachio
Dessert – Cheese and fruit (Quark, cherries and strawberries)

The dishes were then served to regional leaders including West Coast Council Mayor Darryl Gerrity, Deputy Mayor Alwyn Medwin, school principals Alex Downes and Peter McBain, Community Nursing Manager Yvonne Armstrong, Rosebery District High School representative Ruth Kearney-Mawer, MMG General Manager John Lamb, MMG Stakeholder Relations Officer Chris Winskill and MMG Engagement Manager John Powell.

All spoke highly of the dishes with Rosebery District High School Principal Alex Downes commenting on the importance of learning how to maintain a healthy diet.

“I think the real value in this initiative is demonstrating to students how to prepare a healthy meal as opposed to just teaching them the theory on what is healthy,” he said.

St Joseph’s Catholic School Principal Peter McBain agreed and acknowledged the value of the partnership.

“I am delighted that St Joseph’s, Rosebery District High School, Eat Well Tasmania and MMG were able to join together to promote better nutritional wellbeing to the local children of Rosebery,” he said.

MMG Rosebery General Manager John Lamb said that MMG welcomed the opportunity to support this initiative and part of its broader commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the local community.

“It’s great to be promoting healthy eating to these kids and equipping them with some great life skills at the same time.  I was really impressed with what they achieved,” he said.

The winners of the Eat Well Tasmania Go for 2&5® Healthy Lunch competition will be announced in September.

Eat Well Tasmania is an incorporated organisation running a state-wide program that provides support and assistance for activities or projects that promote enjoyable healthy eating.

It seeks to improve the nutritional wellbeing of all Tasmanians and contribute to the reduction of diet related health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and some cancers by maximising the impact of food and nutrition promotion.

Rosebery school students learn how to prepare a healthy meal.

Rosebery school students and local community members enjoy a healthy three-course meal as prepared by the students.

Participants of the Rosebery healthy cooking initiative as part of Eat Well Tasmania’s ‘feast on this – Go for 2&5®’ competition.

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