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Sepon use art to raise awareness about environmental protection

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MMG Lane Xang Minerals Limited Sepon (MMG LXML Sepon) used creative art skills to raise awareness about environmental protection to mark ‘Safety, Health and Environment Day of 2013’ on 28 July 2013 under the slogan: safety and environment is our responsibility.

18 Sepon employees designed colourful costumes from 100 per cent recycled materials, including old newspaper, plastic sheets, scrap fabric, and sand bags. 

The results were shown to employees in a fashion parade and winners selected by judging panel.

“I am delighted to be part of environmental protection at Sepon. I designed a costume made from used plastic film for printing identification cards and won first prize,” said Ms Sakoun Boutsuliya.

“We spent hours after work over several nights to create the dresses.  It was worth the effort because it shows how recycled materials can still be of use, and we had lots of fun,” said Sakoun.

In addition to the recycled clothing completion, Sepon employees planted more than 100 trees and raised awareness regarding waste management, rehabilitation, environmental protection, and safety.

Every year, Sepon generates thousands of tonnes of waste, which is recycled onsite. Food waste is used to feed pigs in the community, and old tyres and scrap metal are sold to local dealers. Chemical waste is stored until it breaks down, and is buried, or burned under strict guidelines.

MMG LXML Sepon minimises impact by managing environmental risks, and complying with legal requirements through continuous improvement processes.

Environmental management procedures at Sepon are independently audited and certified compliant with the international standard for Environmental Management Systems ISO14001.