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Williamsford Road corner receives a facelift

The intersection of the Murchison Highway and Williamsford Road is to be remodelled as part of MMG Rosebery’s testing and exploration program at the South Hercules site.

MMG Rosebery General Manager John Lamb said that it would provide increased safety and access.

“The remodelling will provide both a safer junction and allow for the movement of ore from the exploration site atop Mt Hamilton and the Rosebery operation,” said Mr Lamb.

Construction commenced on 2 November and the first bucket of soil was moved in the presence of MMG management and local identity Kerry Hay.

Remodelling the intersection will take ten days to complete and traffic restrictions will be in place during daylight hours when only one lane will be open.

Safety management plans are in place for traffic control during this period.

Part of the long-term plan for South Hercules will include the potential for tours to the site and for educational purposes.

Local bus operator Kerry Hay expressed his enthusiasm and praise of the construction activity.

“The potential removal of the corner was discussed with previous mine management and Council representatives in the past, so I’m very pleased to see MMG taking the initiative to retain the corner and make it safer for the community and tourists,“ he said.

Project Manager Greg Coster believes that the corner remodelling will be of great benefit to the region.

“The remodelling of the Williamsford Rd corner is great outcome for the community and all that use the road to gain access to Montezuma Falls”, he said.

If the exploration program proves successful, it is possible that test ore from South Hercules may commence its traverse down the newly developed road from Mt Hamilton in the early part of 2011 after other site facilities are completed.

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About MMG Rosebery

MMG Rosebery is an underground polymetallic mine located on the West Coast of Tasmania. It produces concentrates of zinc, lead and copper that are sold to refineries in South Australia and Hobart and gold doré bars that are sold to Australian Gold Refiners in Perth.

Rosebery is owned by MMG, one of the world’s largest producers of zinc as well as a substantial producer of copper, lead, gold and silver.