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Land Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage Management

Effective land management and site rehabilitation are important priorities throughout the mining life cycle.  Our operations implement land biodiversity and cultural management controls to minimise the impact associated with the land disturbances necessary for exploration and mining activities.

Consistent with our commitments as a member of the ICMM, we do not explore or mine within the boundaries of UNESCO World Heritage List properties. 

We undertake baseline studies and surveys, normally in collaboration with local stakeholders to identify land values. Where impacts to biodiversity values are unavoidable, we relocate species and or implement biodiversity offset projects in accordance with management plans developed with expert input. 

Where cultural heritage values are identified, we engage with local community representatives to determine the most appropriate management actions.  We develop, implement and maintain site-specific cultural heritage management procedures that include the registration of cultural heritage finds on site and their management.

Our operations seek to minimise their impact on the environment and the community from open areas of disturbed land by implementing management plans. This includes managing drainage, erosion and controlling dust.

Minor progressive annual rehabilitation is undertaken by our operations as disturbed areas are largely limited to operational areas which are in use or will be used in the future.  We do not set annual rehabilitation targets; however, we rehabilitate land when it is no longer required for future mining activities.  We design our rehabilitation programs to achieve set objectives in relation to proposed final land use and we monitor rehabilitation success over time.

Information on our current land management rehabilitation and biodiversity programs can be found in our Sustainability Reports and on wemineforprogress.com.