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Mine Closure Planning

We are committed to minimising the legacy impacts on the environment post-closure of our operational activities.  We adopt a life-of-asset approach to closure planning which includes technical assessment, forecasting, and consulting with relevant stakeholders. The content and level of detail in our Closure Plans depends on the timeframe to closure and decommissioning of the asset.  We focus our business resources on assets within five years of expected closure.

We also aim to manage the impacts of mine closure on employees, host communities and economic development through our workforce transition strategies and the social development programs we implement during operations. By aligning our social development programs with our Life-of-Asset Plans we are focusing on longer-term economic development which is not reliant on mining and can be sustained post-closure.

When we relinquish operations, it is with a goal of delivering a positive legacy while balancing environmental protection and social well-being with financial performance. It is important that, where possible, value to the host community can be maintained. If economic and related resources remain, the ongoing use of mining-related infrastructure is our preference to mine closure.

For more information about our approach to mine closure planning, as well as case studies including our now-divested Sepon operation, see our Sustainability Reports and wemineforprogress.com.