Water Management

We use water in both our mining and extraction processes and therefore need to secure water for the efficient and consistent performance of our operations.  We regularly monitor and actively manage the quantity and quality of the water we use and discharge.  We are particularly mindful about using water resources that are required for maintenance of environmental ecosystems are shared with surrounding communities.

In supporting the ICMM Position Statement on water stewardship, we commit to supporting water stewardship initiatives that promote better water use, effective catchment management and contribute to improved water security and sanitation. 

We have different strategies for managing water, depending upon our site requirements.  Some of our operations are located in areas with high seasonal rainfall and abundant water resources, and others are located in areas where securing water can be more challenging.

We uphold commitments to apply strong transparent water governance, manage water at our operations effectively and efficiently, and collaborate with our communities to achieve responsible and sustainable water use.

Information on our water performance and case studies can be found in our Sustainability Reports and on wemineforprogress.com.