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Air Quality Monitoring Stations Installed In Geraldton

The installation of four air quality monitoring stations around Geraldton has been completed as part of a partnership agreement between MMG Golden Grove and the Geraldton Port Authority (GPA).

The monitoring stations, which came online 1 March 2012, form part of a broader Community Air Quality Monitoring Program that is designed to collect information and data on the air quality and particulate dust in the atmosphere within the Geraldton area, specifically in relation to potential impacts related to the Geraldton Port’s operations.

The four monitoring stations are installed across various locations within Geraldton; three to represent potential community exposure and one control site (refer to the below map). The program will run for a period of 12 months after which results will be reviewed and a determination made as to whether the program will continue.

Results from the monitors will be collected by MMG and GPA and available to the community via the companies’ respective websites, once validated.

MMG Golden Grove General Manager, Pierre Malan said that the air quality monitoring stations were important tools in ensuring Geraldton residents that operations at the port were safe.

“MMG and the GPA have developed a strong working relationship over the years and have worked closely together on this project, because we understand the importance of a safe and healthy environment, as well as the importance of ongoing operations at the port for the Greater City of Geraldton,” Mr Malan said.

“In addition to the air quality monitoring stations, we are continuing to review ship loading procedures at the port and are undertaking a range of measures together with the GPA to improve management of dust levels including trialling foam as a dust suppressant, monitoring wind direction and speed, altering our loading rate, and product sequencing.”

“MMG and the GPA are also in constant consultation with the Department of Heath, Department of Environment and Conservation, the Department of Transport, and the Geraldton community and we will continue to work closely with them to identify measures to improve processes to minimise emissions and ensure the people of Geraldton reside in a safe and healthy environment,” Mr Malan said.

GPA CEO, Peter Klein said that it is important to keep the community informed on the issue of air quality in Geraldton.

“While we’re convinced there are no problems, the results from the 12 month trial will confirm the safety of this operation,” Mr Klein said.

The data collected from the air monitors and other information in regards to the Community Air Quality Monitoring Program can be found at: www.mmg.com/pages/environment or www.gpa.wa.gov.au.

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