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MMG Century gives Karumba gives a great read

Students at Karumba State School are among the latest to receive books through MMG Century’s support of the Books in Homes Program.

Coordinated by Meg Frisby from Century’s Stakeholder Relations team, the program was piloted in the Gulf with Normanton State School in 2013-14.

“The success of the pilot led to Century supporting the gifting of books to students at six schools in the Lower Gulf between 2013 and 2015. These include in Karumba, Normanton, Doomadgee, Mornington Island and Burketown,” said Ms Frisby.

The Books in Homes Program was originally inspired by Maori author Alan Duff, who wrote the widely-acclaimed book “Once Were Warriors”.

Based on its success in New Zealand, the program was expanded to Australia in 2001 with almost half of the books on offer written by Indigenous authors. The program also encourages children to read at home in a way that involves the whole family.

Century’s Port Superintendent Brad Perkins joined Processing Manager Tim Akroyd when they presented Karumba State School students with their books. During the presentation, Tim spoke to the children about the books that he loved as a child.

Ms Frisby said that the Books in Homes Program fits well with Century’s community investment prioritises.

“Education is one of the pillars of Century’s community support, and we are thrilled that we can support a program that inspires Gulf kids with a love of reading.”

Under the sponsorship of the Books in Homes Program, participating children receive nine books over the course of the program.

Port Superintendent Brad Perkins (back right) and Processing Manager Tim Akroyd (back left) after presenting students at Karumba State School with their new books.