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MMG Century recommences following Cyclone Olga

MMG Century recommenced its shipping program and concentrate production last night following Tropical Cyclone Olga’s recent presence in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

MMG took a number of steps last week to ensure the safety of all employees and contractors, and the integrity of equipment and infrastructure, through this period.

Weather conditions triggered Century’s Cyclone Contingency Plan on Sunday 24 January and the transfer vessel, the MV Wunma, used to move concentrate from the port facility to export ships, ceased loading and was secured at the port. Following Maritime Safety Queensland’s approval yesterday, the shipping program recommenced. 

Century was well prepared for the weather conditions and ceased concentrate production on Tuesday 26 January in preparation for the port facility’s shutdown during the period.

“Due to careful risk assessment and planning for the weather conditions, MMG Century’s operations were well prepared for Tropical Cyclone Olga and able to successfully recommence operations last night,” said MMG Century General Manager Mr Karl Spaleck.

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