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MMG committed to resolving Rosebery community concerns

MMG will today participate in the Rosebery Community Reference Group on Environmental Health Risk but is disappointed that the Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania has elected not to be involved.

“We don’t understand why the Taskforce is so hostile towards us when we are just as concerned about allegations of heavy metals in Rosebery as all residents of the town are,” said MMG General Manager Mr John Lamb.

“We want to get to the bottom of this as much as the Taskforce want to. We are disappointed that they choose to voice their concerns through the media rather than participating in the Reference Group which involves all relevant parties.”

MMG has demonstrated from its actions to date that it is taking an open and transparent approach to this issue and does not believe that the Taskforce has any reason not to trust the current environmental sampling program being conducted, or the Community Reference Group.

The claims made by the Taskforce in the media in recent days have simply been uninformed. MMG does not believe this helps Rosebery residents to get the answers they want.

“If the Taskforce participated in the forums and programs set up to get these answers, then they would become part of the solution,” said Mr Lamb.

The sampling methods adopted by MMG’s independent consultant, GHD, comply with Australian Standards. The Taskforce have declined to be part of the environmental sampling program and so have missed the opportunity to witness first hand GHD’s professional approach.

“We have had great feedback from the Rosebery community on the program and the consultative approach we have taken,” said Mr Lamb.

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