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Presentations and Speeches


Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Metals and Mining Conference, 12 May 2020 (PDF, 3MB)

BMO 29th Global Metals & Mining Conference investor presentation, 24 February 2020 (PDF, 3MB)


2019 Interim Results presentation, by Geoffrey Gao and Ross Carroll 22 August 2019 (PDF, 2MB)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Metals and Mining Conference presentation by CEO Geoffrey Gao, 15 May 2019 (PDF, 2MB)

2018 Annual Results presentation, 7 March 2019 (PDF, 3MB)

BMO 28th Global Metals & Mining Conference investor presentation, February 2019  (PDF, 2MB)


2018 interim results presentation  by CEO Geoffrey Gao and CFO Ross Carroll, 20 August (PDF, 2MB)

Asia Mining Club presentation by CEO Jerry Jiao, 24 May (PDF 2.1MB)

Annual General Meeting presentation by Independent Non-executive Director, Peter Cassidy, 24 May (PDF, 545KB)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Metals and Mining Conference presentation by CFO, Ross Carroll, 15 May (PDF 1.3MB)

2017 annual results presentation by CEO Jerry Jiao, 8 March (PDF 2.0MB)

BMO 27th Global Metals & Mining Conference, February 2018  (PDF, 1.2MB)

PDAC International Convention presentation, by EGM Operations – Americas, Suresh Vadnagra, March 2018  (PDF 2.2MB)


MMG Corporate Update presentation, November 2017  (PDF, 3MB)

Melbourne Mining Club luncheon speech by CEO Jerry Jiao, 12 October (PDF, 100KB)

Melbourne Mining Club luncheon presentation by CEO Jerry Jiao, 12 October (PDF, 5MB)

Melbourne Mining Club luncheon speech video by CEO Jerry Jiao, 12 October

Las Bambas presentation at Perumin by General Manager Operations – South America, Suresh Vadnagra, 20 September (PDF, 3.7MB)

2017 interim results presentation  by CEO Jerry Jiao, 23 August (PDF, 2MB)

Annual General Meeting Chairman’s address by Independent non-executive Directors Peter Cassidy on behalf of Chairman Mr Guo, (PDF, 221KB)

Annual General Meeting speech by CEO Jerry Jiao, 24 May 2017 (PDF, 1MB)

Dugald River Update by General Manager Dugald River Project Delivery Pierre Malan at Minex (PDF 3MB)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Metals & Mining Conference presentation by CEO Jerry Jiao, May 2017 (PDF, 2MB)

2016 annual results presentation by CEO Jerry Jiao, 9 March (PDF 3MB)

Las Bambas Site Visit April 2017 (PDF, 1.3MB)

MMG Corporate Update February 2017 (PDF, 1.3MB)


2016 interim results presentation by CEO Andrew Michelmore, 17 August (PDF, 3.5MB)

Melbourne Mining Club in London speech by CEO Andrew Michelmore, 7 July (PDF, 301KB)

Melbourne Mining Club in London presentation video by CEO Andrew Michelmore, 7 July (MP3)

Annual General Meeting speech by CEO Andrew Michelmore, 25 May (PDF, 634KB)

Brisbane Mining Club speech by CEO Andrew Michelmore, 18 May (PDF, 500KB)

Latin American Down Under by Marcelo Bastos, Chief Operating Officer at LADU, 18 May (PDF, 2MB)

MMG Limited – 2016 Global Metals, Mining & Steel Conference (PDF, 1MB)

Macquarie Australian Equities Conference (PDF, 2MB)

2015 annual results presentation by CEO Andrew Michelmore, 10 March (PDF, 2MB)

Las Bambas presentation by Luis Rivera, Vice President of Las Bambas Operations, at PDAC, 7 March 2016 (PDF, 3MB)

Kinsevere Site Visit, February 2016 (PDF, 2MB)

MMG Limited: Geared for copper growth, February 2016 (PDF, 4MB)


MMG Macquarie NDR presentation, December 2015 (2MB)

MMG Limited, Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit, 17-19 November 2015 (PDF, 2MB)

Mining Different – A new landscape for mining by CEO Andrew Michelmore at IMARC, November 2015 (PDF, 1.2MB)

2015 Interim Results presentation (PDF, 1.4MB)

Dugald River – A well-timed zinc opportunity (PDF, 1MB)

Maybank Kim Eng – Corporate Access Day 2015 (Hong Kong) by CFO David Lamont (PDF, 2MB)

Address to the Minerals Week Parliamentary Dinner by CEO Andrew Michelmore, June 2015 (webpage)

Deutsche Bank Investor presentation by CFO David Lamont, June 2015 (PDF, 2MB)

Building the World’s Largest Copper Project by Troy Hey, EGM Stakeholder Relations at Latin America Downunder Conference, 21 May 2015 (PDF, 2MB)

Annual General Meeting Speech by Chairman Jiao Jian (PDF, 100KB)

Annual General Meeting Speech by CEO Andrew Michelmore (PDF, 100KB)

Annual General Meeting Presentation (PDF, 1MB)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Metals & Mining Conference presentation by CEO Andrew Michelmore, May 2015 (PDF, 2MB)

2014 Annual Results Presentation (PDF, 2MB)

Las Bambas site visit

Introduction – Health and safety (PDF, 1MB)

Welcome to Peru (PDF, 2MB)

Introduction to MMG (PDF, 1MB)

Introduction to Las Bambas (PDF, 2MB)

Market outlook (PDF, 500KB)

Project status (PDF, 3MB)

Mining processing infrastructure (PDF, 3MB)

Exploration (PDF, 3MB)


Management Strategies for Transformational M&A by Michael Nossal, EGM Business Development, at the 121 Mining Conference, 16 October 2014 (PDF, 2MB)

Andrew Michelmore keynote speech at International Mining and Resources Conference, 23 September 2014 (200KB)

2014 Interim Results webcast (MP3, 30MB)

2014 Interim Results presentation (PDF, 3MB)

Australia Latin America Business Council Annual Dinner speech – by COO Marcelo Bastos (PDF, 100KB)

CLSA Copper Access Day – by EGM Business Development Michael Nossal, 4 June 2014 (PDF, 2MB)

Chairman’s Dinner Speech – Andrew Michelmore dinner speech at the Minerals Week conference, 28 May 2014 (PDF, 100KB)

Las Bambas: A new copper project for Peru and MMG presented by Michael Nossal, EGM Business Development at the Latin America Down Under Conference, 28 May 2014 (2 MB)

Regaining our competitiveness – Andrew Michelmore opening address at the Minerals Week conference, 28 May 2014 (PDF, 250KB)

Andrew Michelmore presentation at Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Metals and Mining Conference

Oriental Mining Club address: MMG – Creating an international growth platform in Australia by Mr Wang Lixin

2013 Annual Results Presentation (PDF, 2MB)

BMO Global Metals and Mining Conference by EGM Business Development Michael Nossal (PDF, 1MB)

IZA presentation on ‘Perspectives of the Zinc Industry’ by CEO Andrew Michelmore (PDF, 2MB)


iPAD speech on ‘Partnerships for Progress’ by EGM Business Development Michael Nossal (PDF, 2MB)

Lowy Institute speech on ‘What drives Chinese investment in Australia?’ by CEO Andrew Michelmore (PDF 100KB)

2013 Interim Results presentation (PDF, 2MB)

Presentation at the Standard Chartered Earth’s Resources Forum by MMG CFO David Lamont, 19th June 2013 (PDF, 2MB)

MMG 2013 Annual General Meeting presentation (500KB)

Asia Mining Club speech by CEO, Andrew Michelmore (PDF 100KB)

BoAML Global Metals, Mining and Steel Conference (PDF, 2MB)

2012 Annual Results Investor Presentation (PDF, 1MB)

BMO Metals and Mining Conference Presentation (PDF, 1MB)


Dugald River: a well timed zinc opportunity, 17 December 2012 (PDF, 2MB)

Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development (iPAD) Conference, 16th October 2012 – Michael Nossal, EGM Business Development MMG (PDF, 2MB)

MMR 2012 Interim Results Presentation (PDF, 2MB)

MMR 2012 Interim Results webcast

Mining for the Asian Century – Andrew Michelmore, Melbourne Mining Club

Bringing together Chinese and international mining expertise – David Lamont, Mines and Money Beijing (PDF, 2MB)

MMR 2012 Annual General Meeting (PDF, 2MB)

MMR 2012 Annual Results Presentation (PDF, 1MB)

MMR 2012 Annual Results Webcast (PDF, 1MB)

Citi Global Resources Conference in London – David Lamont, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer (PDF, 1MB)


MMR 2011 Interim Results Presentation (PDF, 1MB)

Oriental Mining Club: A new east-west partnership (PDF, 200KB)

Asia Mining 2011 keynote speech by Andrew Michelmore (PDF, 20KB)

Asia Mining 2011 conference (PDF, 2MB)

MInES Sydney 2011 conference (PDF, 2MB)


MMR acquisition of MMG: Creating a major international upstream base metals group, December 2010 (PDF, 2MB)

September and December 2010 Quarterly Results (PDF, 60KB)

MMR (including MMG) 2010 Annual Results (PDF, 1MB)

Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada 2010 conference (PDF, 4MB)

Mining the Mid West, February 2010 (PDF, 1MB)


MMG 2009 Annual Results (PDF, 400KB)